Radio-frequency (RF) based cosmetic device

 Radiofrequency is not based on light but is based on electrical conductivity and has a positive and negative pole.  The heat generated is due to the resistance of the skin as the energy travels in between two poles. This energy travels can cause general “bulk” heating where the heating induces new collagen to be very active as well as change the way the collagen sits in the skin in an advantageous way that makes the skin firmer or tighter.  We can also use radiofrequency energy to resurface the skin by using many tiny electrodes (positive and negative poles) to cause heating just under the skin surface which is great for wrinkles, scars, and pores.  The advantage of radiofrequency is color-blind, and it doesn’t concern if you are tan or have a dark color of skin.  It doesn’t individually heat melanin, thus removing a significant potential cause of side effects from the laser, which cause too much heating of the skin, which can be different for different people and even different parts of individuals face or body can cause hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin.


 Agnes is RF energy-based medical device like other brands in the market, but it has different types and unique design of micro-insulated needles depending on the user applications.   Each type of micro-insulated needles has a different number of pins and length of insulation on the tip(electrode) which will insert into the target tissues depending on the user settings.    The microneedle is the sterile disposable for single use only.


Since soft tissue has own different electrical conductivity as listed to the right, the RF energy should be managed to depend on target soft tissues and should be managed in the course of procedure for the best result.   AGNES equip user-friendly and easy-to-use LCD control panel for the patient safety and the best result.


Tissue Type                   Conductivity (Sm-1)                    


Wet Skin

Dry Skin








* The table shows the electrical conductivity of different types of tissue at 1MHz.   From the table, any procedures on fat volume reduction require the much higher power of RF energy than wet skin.

AGNES Control Panel & Partially Insulated Micro-Needle

There are nine different types of AGNES micro-insulated needles, and each class has a different length of insulation for the corresponding specific use. This versatility and precision make AGNES a genuinely innovative and unique device that is able to treat a multitude of areas successfully.   The above video clip shows Agnes F1A needle delivers thermal energy for the fat coagulation.  


The use of Agnes for any aesthetic procedures in the US is considered an off-label procedure. Approved as a general clearance and no indication for any specific procedures under US FDA. K192728

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